Minturn Nut Company

We're big on the little things.

As Minturn continues to expand, we stay close to our roots—to what matters. This means doing every little thing we can to position our growers, and their harvests, for success. Sharing essential insights and updates. Giving our best advice. Providing competitive returns and easy payouts. And offering the support they need to have a prosperous growing season.

Almond farmer

Our future
grows with you.

Putting our growers first means committing to consistent and competitive returns year in and year out. Servicing global buyers both large and small and quickly adapting to changes in the market allows us to offer consistent prices and maximize grower returns while minimizing risk.

Straightforward from the start.

We believe things like honesty, integrity, and a clear approach go a long way in building strong, long-lasting relationships. And when it comes to our growers, your livelihood is our priority. We offer flexible payment options to ensure you get paid on time. Every time.

On the Almond Farm