Minturn Nut Company

all mighty almonds

Thinking big comes easy.

Our passion for the almond business began in the orchard. We were determined to build the type of company that takes care of growers. Today, as one of California’s largest independent almond companies, we grow, package, ship, and export worldwide. But for us, being large doesn’t mean feeling corporate. We’re known for our quality and consistency, but we pride ourselves on thinking big while feeling small.

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Handfuls of almonds

Since Color icon 1996

Almond harvesting on the Minturn Farm

Built by growers.
Committed to growers.

We started as almond growers, so we know what it takes. And how to take care of our own. That’s why the 300+ growers we partner with today are at the heart of every decision we make. And why we go above and beyond to keep them thriving.

Quality without compromise.

Bringing our high-quality almonds to people around the world means ensuring consistency and integrity in every shipment we deliver. We invest in top-of-the-market technology and maintain strict food safety standards, processing certifications, and clean facilities.

Almond sorting and processing